Tiziano Tomasetti

Born in Bern (CH), Tiziano grew up in Locarno and now lives in Copenhagen. He has been playing the electric bass since the age of 16 and studied at the Lausanne Conservatoire (Jazz Section). Polyglot by passion and in love with all kinds of different cultures and traditions, Tiziano is enthusiastic about all forms of music, from jazz to rock, to traditional music from any country. It is thanks to various bands and projects that we have had the opportunity to listen to him in recent years on the Swiss and international music scene (France, Italy, Germany, Denmark, Spain): Balkan music, gypsy, gnawa, Latin, jazz, songwriter, flamenco, theater, workshops Tiziano is also a dedicated music teacher: theory, rhythmic training, electric bass, group coaching, workshops and online teaching are among the subjects taught both privately and in music schools since 2007. In 2017 he Successfully completed a CAS in music pedagogy at the Lausanne Conservatory.

Tiziano, in addition to his musical and teaching career, is also an activist and volunteer in many areas: food sharing, upcycling, promotion of vegan food, marine conservation.

Maarja Soomre

Maarja Soomre is a singer and a melodica player from Estonia. She has been studying classical piano, jazz and Estonian traditional music as a singer. She is a member of two folk music bands, RÜÜT and Päri Päri.

Maarja’s first ETHNO Camp was in Slovenia, the Ethno Histria of 2012. This was when she became addicted to the ETHNO movement. She says that ETHNO Camps provide a powerful experience, where music can really connect people, even if they
are from different cultures. “When we play music together we create a united world”, says Maarja. Maarja has also been part of Ethno Croatia 2014, Ethnofonik 2015 in France, GLOMUS Camp 2017 in Brazil and Ethnofonik All Stars 2017 and has been a leader of Ethno Estonia 2018 and 2019 and of Ethno Germany 2018.

She is very excited to be the Artistic Leader for singers, as the voice can be a versatile instrument, acting either as a solo, harmonic or percussive instrument.

Frieder Licht

Frieder Licht grew up on the shores of Lake Maggiore in Locarno (Ticino) where he lived until 2013. After a sabbatical year, during which he was able to volunteer in Burundi and a five-month trip across Latin America, he moved in Paris where he obtained a master's degree in musicology and ethnomusicology at the University of Paris VIII. In addition to academic studies at the University of Paris VIII, he studied drums at the departmental conservatory of Gennevilliers with maestro Mathieu Penot and traditional percussion at the regional conservatory of Aubervilliers in the class of Paul Mindy. Regarding his musical activity he is a member of two musical groups (ZaZlooZ and Salsatension) with which he had the opportunity to release three studio albums and to perform on stage as a percussionist and singer in various countries and regions of Europe such as France. , Switzerland, Belgium, Italy, Turkey, Kurdistan. In addition to his passion for music, he is also interested in cinema and cooking.