Nicolò Toschi e Clio Gaudenzi

Teatrin Palombaro is a project that takes shape in 2022, in Bologna. It was born from the idea of ​​having to bring shows, music, art and poetry independently and freely to every possible place. To do this, he equipped himself with an OM40 truck that opens like an ancient traveling theatre. The stage reveals itself as a magic box presenting itself to an audience seated on wooden chairs under the starry sky.



Nicolò Toschi

Busterbagatelle is a 40-minute show conceived as an original and live soundtrack of the silent short film "One Week", produced and performed by Buster Keaton in 1920.

The limelight below acts as a stage for the presentation and execution of live music as well as a theatrical space for the performance of some surprises that take place during the entertainment: gags and unexpected events of various kinds that explore different languages ​​including theater of shadows and that of figure.


Nicolò Toschi and Clio Guadenzi

Freely taken from the simple, light, curious, funny and for all this precious book by Ambrogio Borsani: "La Casa Asac".

Live music, acrobatics, comedy, puppetry. The protagonists are Mr. Pino and Mrs. Pina, spouses-twins who live in a house of a thousand surprises, really strange, where incredible things happen... Everything seems to have its own life in Pino and Pina's house, every object has something to say and so every day is a new adventure. The objects in this house certainly don't work in an orthodox, efficient, functional way, on the contrary, they waste time... or rather: they waste the time we are usually used to, that of commitments and programs, transforming it into play time , of unexpected events, of discoveries... Mr. Pino and Mrs. Pina spontaneously create new rules, create new logics... thus revealing the time of the imagination, a new point of view that moves from ingenuity, amusement, doubts to the possibilities.



Andrea Montevecchi and  Nicoló Antioco Ximenes

Two clowns looking for the limit between scenic writing and improvisation create an imaginary world in which theatre, circus and live music find the right balance through the two characters called the "Marabata".



“The elegance, the sweat, the running of the seesaw.

The lightness, the unexpectedness, the poetry of the trapeze, the grace, the danger, the inadequacy of the couple acrobatics and then… explosions of jubilation, explosions of joy, explosions of gigantic volgaietudine and finally a huge finale!”

Two rowdy circus performers promise to tell the story of the circus from its birth to bushels, but are unable to actually perform the numbers. With a series of bizarre inventions and thanks to the help of the public they manage to perform, despite everything, the announced numbers.



Captain Palacinca and the crafty Jock traveling the length and breadth of the world have collected extraordinary exotic beasts and learned untransferable magical skills and circus techniques.

Trained rodents, aerial acrobatics, illusionism, enchanted reptiles, Japanese arts, mentalism…

These are just some of the numbers in the suitcase of the two adventurers.

Offering a variegated totally unpredictable variety.



Traveling performance in which two unlikely cyclists cross the festival site several times, interacting and improvising with the people and situations they encounter.



with Mathias Hoby

The compositions and background noise, physical precision as well as juicy and lively humor contribute to a moving, poetic and timeless symphony.
In the piece, the stiff yet lovable parrot-like figure discovers the world of tones. By tinkering with the variety of noises, sounds and tones, the viewer becomes part of a musical journey. All kinds of tones are collected, mixed and stored in small vials. During the course of the song, Loric will prepare "the super mix". The audience will contribute to the climax with body percussion and singing voices. Without words, the piece juggles sounds, “nonsense” chants, witty gestures, funny looks or wild dances.


Joseph Stenz

Joseph Stenz already as a child found the figure of the "itinerant entertainer" enchanting... his love for the art of fire dance blossomed during a journey across Australia, initially as a passion and game, then as an intense confrontation with the fire element and its power.
Fire and life itself were his masters in the development of his art. It was further supported by a creative exchange with professionals at international fire art festivals. Joseph is also a certified pyrotechnician with a diploma.
The inner drive - his enthusiasm for fire magic - drives him to continuously develop and expand his show.
Through his one-of-a-kind performances and repeated TV presence, Joseph Stenz has become one of the most sought-after and well-known fire artists in Switzerland!



It tells of a journey that leads nowhere. In Italian "bò" is colloquial for "I don't know / I have no idea". But what is interesting is what happens along the way…

A ”family variety show”, a journey, a poetic circus theatre, designed with a wide variety of show elements, made with love and a lot of humour.


from and with PLIM creazioni e Giullari di Gulliver

Con il sostegno di PGI

A chicken coop on a trip... Human chickens, human chickens, strutting roosters in double breasts, hens in rows and fluttering... and a tamer, or will it take two to keep this unleashed poultry at bay that roams the meadows?Obey, submit, move in order, stay together… or simply rebel!!! …and since there is an audience, why not show off the impossible skills?

Traveling theater divided into surprise appearances that will accompany the day. A plot that unfolds in short numbers of varieties scattered in space, time… and on the farm!


Poetic and musical incandescences by Raissa Avilés

Raissa Avilés, recounts a journey to rediscover one's Mexican origins through the encounter with the figure and work of Chavela Vargas, an icon of Latin American folklore, and his particular way of understanding singing interpretation and performance. "Vulcano" is a cycle of performances conceived by Rete Due in collaboration with eight Swiss literary events.


Elementary and middle schools

The Giullari di Gulliver association was born in 1992 following a traveling theater experience presented in various summer camps in the Canton of Ticino. Since then, the proposals have been enriched, ranging from summer stays for children and teenagers to various theater groups. These different experiences have created a network of very valuable acquaintances and collaborations, including the collaboration with the popular culture association of Balerna (ACP) for the realization of the International Storytelling Festival. The main objective of our association is to promote and support creative and expressive activities, in collaboration with schools, institutes, associations and companies, in order to address all age groups.
Gulliver's Giullari won the 2002 ASTEJ prize (Swiss Association of Theater for Children and Youth) and the 2014 Maximum Prize of the Iside and Cesare Lavezzari Foundation, particularly for his activity in the field of integrated theatre.
Gulliver's Jesters continuously develop new projects with and for young people.
In collaboration with schools, associations and various bodies, they offer theater workshops and, more generally, workshops of an expressive nature.
Since the beginning in the early 90s, the activities of the Jesters can also be attended by people with physical/cognitive disabilities, children in situations of discomfort, people with mental disorders, ... Everyone's frailties are welcomed as a resource.
The animators of the association are regularly called upon to hold training courses for teachers of all school levels and for professionals active in the socio-educational and health fields.
The Association was commissioned by Grin Festival for the creation of a show that brings the theme of integration and racism. this show will be presented to all the schools in the Mesolcina valley. Over the course of a week, before the Grin festival, under a tent specially set up to accommodate the various classes.