Aline and Martin Del Torre, French and German speaking, graduated from the Dimitri high school of theater in Ticino.

Their style is characterized by the search for a modern form of saltimbanco, a genre that combines theater, storytelling, music and various artistic disciplines. Just like the "Nouveau Ciroque", which was born in France and puts circus disciplines at the service of theatrical expression, they would like to develop the "Nouveau Saltimbanque" and invite people at the same time to laugh or cry, dream or reflect and wonder.


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Compagnia Piccoli Idilli, Burkina Faso

with Bintou Ouattara musical accompaniment by Kady Coulibaly (vocals, coffin and calebasse) and Daouda Diabate (vocals, kora, gangan)


KANU ("love" in the Bambarà language) is a narrative show with live music, taken from an African story.
The memory of the storytellers of Africa, custodians of oral traditions and repositories of the memory of entire civilizations, becomes an original show, brilliant, with traits of fine humor and paradoxical comedy.