Sutari is the power of three female voices that intertwine in a unique musical harmony. Their music is a fusion of tradition and modernity, crafted with trance and polyphonic compositions, woven around themes of nature, freedom, femininity and sisterhood. The band has created a unique style of interpreting traditional songs and creating musical tales. The artists experiment with various vocal techniques, create their own instruments and explore the musical potential of everyday objects. They arrange traditional Polish songs and compose their own.


Le Assurd was born as a trio in 1993. The basic idea was to re-propose a corpus of songs from Southern Italy starting from research in close contact with the old singers and from the study conducted on the most important texts and archives.
In the current lineup, the singer and percussionist Chiara Carnevale has been added, and - for the first time in the history of the group, proudly characterized by femininity -, a male presence: that of the double bass player Fulvio Di Nocera. A young and fresh graft that allows the "Assurd" project to be timeless, strong in the history and collaborations that have characterized almost thirty years of artistic production.


In November 2023, RSI launched the first documentary on Pietro Gori and the passage of anarchists in Ticino between the end of the nineteenth century and the beginning of the century. This journey has a natural soundtrack, in one of the most well-known and sung songs in the world "Addio Lugano bella", it is a universal story, but which has an important turning point in Switzerland.
For this documentary, RSI commissioned a soundtrack from some musicians who have been involved in popular singing for years. The result was an exciting project that went well beyond expectations and took on an independent life from the documentary film.


Danûk is music that transcends borders. Founded in Istanbul in 2015 during a time of turmoil, the band remixes Kurdish folk songs creating memories of a complex geographical past.
After leaving the war in Syria, the group of musicians, graduates of Syria's top fine arts and music programs, performed on the streets of Istanbul using their talent as a means of survival. Here they were discovered and hired by a social enterprise to help compose soundtracks for films and radio.
Thanks to their success, they were able to open a recording studio and participate in festivals in Türkiye. They are supported by the British Arts Council.


Hailing from Nicosia, the divided capital of Cyprus, this new project led by Antonis Antoniou – founder of the award-winning bands Monsieur Doumani and Trio Tekke – brings a fresh air of Eastern Mediterranean psychedelia, rock and blues.
The dynamic, offbeat tribal drum groove and ferocious bass clarinet riffs produce a dark, trance-like reverie.
The result is a confusing urban soundscape of synth textures and dub electronics, allusions to '70s psychedelic organ, growling reed expressions and microtonal Anatolian melodic spice.


Fulu Miziki is a collective of artists that comes directly from a future in which human beings have reconciled with mother earth and with themselves. This multidisciplinary collective of artists is based in the heart of the Congolese capital Kinshasa and was founded by Pisko Crane who, always looking for new sounds, spent a lot of time conceptualizing an orchestra composed of objects found in the garbage, constantly changing instruments .
In Fulu Miziki's musical ideology, the creation of costumes, masks and instruments is essential for their performances. Their unique sound is a pan-African message of artistic liberation, peace and a stark look at the ecological situation of the Democratic Republic of Congo.