Nicolò Toschi, Carlo Coppadoro, Xyomara Campos Lahoz, Monica Rois, Nicolò Antioco Ximenes, Federico Bassi, Clio Gaudenzi, Amedeo Miori

A unique show in which the actor's, comic, acrobatic and choral aspects are mixed, creating a sort of "theater in motion" ... dancing under the circus tent ... strictly with live music in full Paniko style.
Have you ever entered a yellow, circus-shaped apartment building through an elevator? Yes to Dante Alighieri. Certainly discovering that even for the top, which boasts highly respectable surreal experiences, it is not an easy journey, it is not heartening. In his restless wandering he will meet mad doctors, exhausted professors,
Lonely moms, forgotten tramps, lazy couch potatoes, suicidal flamenco and joyful drag queens. Between vivid dreams and veiled reality, the visions of our medieval friend unfold, distant musical visions, bodies in motion
all too close. Don't be deceived by their scent of freedom, in the end you won't be able to get out!

PANIKOMMEDIA is a show that combines circus, comedy and
live music. Live music is the card that distinguishes the Paniko Circus since its inception. The musicians never stop exchanging instruments: from the double bass to the piano, from the marimba to the Indian sitar through trombones, saxes, trumpets and clarinets ... painting a different soundscape for each scene.




In collaboration with the Italian Pro Grigioni Moesano section, 350 years after the birth in Roveredo of Gabriele de Gabrieli, one of the great architects of the Baroque and the new book dedicated to him. A presupposed meeting between the Marquise von Württemberg-Winnental and Gabriele de Gabrieli, a young architect born and raised in Roveredo and active in Vienna. The meeting is not entirely simple and is organized by Count Johann Adam Andreas von Liechtenstein. The marquise is extremely demanding in terms of aesthetics and beauty ... In a captivating monologue, the demanding marquise is portrayed in a very funny Italian. Absolute exclusivity!

Marietta Jemmi, actress from Graubünden is especially known to the public across the Alps. She is active in cinema, television and radio as well as a myriad of theater projects with her own company “Duo Liebestoll” and multiple roles as moderator and voice actress for Radiotelevisiun Svizra Rumantscha (RTR).

Gianni Bertossa, born in 1959 and raised in Roveredo, is active both as an author, graphic designer, actor, social worker and clown.



It's time to wake up, the alarm goes off, you have to dress quickly and get ready for
day. But what happens when we wear clothes? New
possibilities open up. The clothes transform us into characters who converse
between them and create new scenarios. Jealous boyfriends and romantic suitors
they come to life from jackets and hats; songs are sung by gloves
and socks; coats tell irreverent stories. A show for adults and
little ones.



Produzione Grande Giro (CH), coproduzione di Espace Escaute (BE)

Two buffoons, a blind and a cripple, look for the way back home. Time has taken them far away and they no longer remember the journey. Mom is waiting for them at home. Perhaps. Maybe she's aged, maybe she's dead or she's gone, she's abandoned them. Maybe they just got lost. To continue they have to eat and to eat to make money and then they improvise street musicians and sing their pain, their anger, their nostalgia and the joy of still being alive. They ask for two change and leave with their wheelchair, which has become a cart, full of tools hugged with their few possessions, their home.
Two Beckettian characters who ask themselves many questions and who do not find solutions but only the possibility of "wasting time" whatever happens in their path. An allegory of the daily search for existential truth in struggle with the desire to hide behind impregnable fortresses from which to view the world without being in danger. Everyone builds his own armor which, however, is also a ballast to "fly" free.


Narration with figures from and with SANTUZZA OBERHOLZER

Once upon a time there was a woman who lived in the woods, ate its fruits and rested in its shadow. In the summer she took a shower at the waterfall and a bath in the pond. In winter, when the wind visited the
her wood with her sharp needles took refuge in a cave. One day she looked out at the opening of her shelter and realized that the woods had gone away. She quickly packed her stories of her into a suitcase, and she set out in search of the woods. Along the way she stops to rest, she opens the suitcase and her feelings transformed into characters begin to come alive.
The dragon falls in love with the migratory bird and gets angry with spiteful elves, there are those who are jealous, those who leave, those who return, those who take advantage of it and those who sing. The woman's journey is punctuated by scenes represented with figures built mostly on the hands of the narrator. Awarded at the Havana Film Festival, Cuba.


from and with PIERA GIANOTTI 

Show of storytelling and gesture theater, "Goat genealogies" tells of family and personal ties that exist, are created and unraveled within a herd of goats. These bonds are intertwined with other ties, familiar, human that resurface during the story. Observation of the stables gives rise to reflections on human behavior, generates empathy, feeds curiosity, nourishes the narrative thread. Stories of mothers and daughters, sisters, cousins, friends and enemies, stories of women, because the flock is matriarchal. The stories of births, lives, vicissitudes, diseases and deaths are transformed into a plot that tells of life.


from and with DANIELE BIANCO

A weird character opens his large suitcase and takes out telephones of all shapes and eras: with handsets, extendable wires, number keys and rotating discs. Then he invites young and old to sit down and answer: on the other end of the phone he tells the short and very special "Tales on the Phone" by Mr. Gianni Rodari. An interactive installation, where thanks to communicating telephones an actor reads Gianni Rodari's fables: fantastic, delicate, funny short stories that can be listened to one after the other without ever getting tired. A theatrical animation that welcomes girls and boys intriguing them with objects that are part of an "ancient" imaginary.