Thanks to music, theatre, dances, meetings and food, the Grin is a place where for a few days it is possible to celebrate life, understood as not only cultural but also environmental biodiversity: the deep respect for the fragile ecosystem is realized through a conscious path towards Zero Waste and the experimentation of new aggregation models that consider the reduction of our ecological footprint as a priority. The path is ongoing, constantly evolving, perfectible and open to new stimuli and suggestions.

Highlights of this edition:
• Presence of a single differentiated waste collection center (MSW, bottles, cans, pet);
• Use of dry compost-toilets, from which physiological waste will be valorised;
• Invitation to participants to bring their own non-disposable crockery;
• Use of non-disposable crockery (deposit of 2.00 CHF);
• Presence of a dishwashing area;
• Invitation to participants to take their waste home.

Long-term goals:
• Further reduction of the total amount of waste;
• Publication of the provenance of certified food raw materials;
• Explicit invitation to reach the festival by public transport;
• Explicit invitation to bring your own non-disposable crockery with you and to take your waste home;
• Official Zero Waste Festival certification.