Speaking of racism or racial discrimination, we identify a structure of power where at least one of the two parties involved suffers the consequences both psychologically and physically.
Racial discrimination can occur involuntarily and therefore can affect any person, in any area of ​​personal and daily life. Precisely for this reason the GRIN wants to focus on the issue, with the aspect of the "involuntary" in daily life and raise awareness, introducing the discourse in our Valley, where certainly much more happens than we would like to admit.

Who do we turn to?
Mesolcina is a valley that remains quite closed to immigration, therefore not very attractive for those arriving from other realities. Precisely for this reason it is conservative in nature. When we are confronted with something new, whether it is an unfamiliar person, situation or any other aspect, we can feel insecure, perhaps even threatened. To generate more confidence in ourselves and in the person in front of us, it can help to be more informed in various areas, in this case on the issue of racism.
The importance of the fight against racism becomes clear when we remember how school programs/projects have increased for the prevention of bullying, an equivalent problem or one which also includes that of racism. Racial discrimination (which often happens unintentionally) especially accompanies us and affects us all in the course of life. In this sense, the GRIN wants to give schools the opportunity to take the opportunity to offer an exchange of reflections and a new perspective to students, which allows them to recognize their responsibility.

Given the recent events and movements (e.g. "black lives matter" in the United States), it is clearly still a very topical but also intense and complex global problem. It is not obvious to find the right method to make the discourse public and also accessible in order to make both adults and children aware. The GRIN is a multi-ethnic festival, which means that it includes artists, organizers and visitors from all over the world. Thanks to this aspect, access to authentic awareness-raising work is guaranteed. A few weeks before the start of the Festival, theatrical performances and workshops will be held.

The aim is to offer schools a project that can give the opportunity to change perspective, to understand the importance of the issue that all of us, sooner or later, are confronted with.