Born in Switzerland in 1980, Gionata Pieracci composed on the piano as a self-taught composer from the age of 12. After some self-productions and music videos to promote relaxation, the streaming album "Le spheres" (recorded at 432 Hz) is his first real musical debut, in collaboration with the guitarist
Italian-Swiss Emilio Castorina. The long years spent listening to music Irish and playing the djembé in the woods around the fire have influenced
his rhythmic style.


Peter Hinz (percussion) and Steffen Dix (saxophone) went to India for the first time in February 2014. They took Indian classical music lessons at the “International Music Center Ashram” in Varanasi. Soon after teaming up with tabla teacher Keshav Rao Nayak, his son Sandip Rao Kewale (tabla) and young sitar master Shyam Rastogi, the two German musicians founded the musical project “NeckarGanga”. The entire band, including bassist Jonathan Sell, was formed in Mannheim in July 2015. In July 2016 NeckarGanga released their first album entitled “innaad”, with which they toured in Germany and Switzerland.


Rüüt is an ensemble in which the different worlds of an actress, a jazz musician and two Estonian diatonic accordion players meet and merge. Rüüt's music is for lovers of folk, for those interested in technical intricacies and also for admirers of gentle musical landscapes.
They have made distinctive arrangements of several traditional Estonian folk tunes and songs. The ensemble arranges their compositions until all members are enthusiastic about them. The band is characterized by a mystical atmosphere and intricate harmonic, melodic and rhythmic combinations.


The Gambian griot Jabel Kanuteh and the Romagna multi-instrumentalist Marco Zanotti have been playing together since 2018.
Starting from the Mandinka tradition of West Africa, of which the Kanuteh family is ambassadors, (the griot or jali is the important figure of storyteller and peacemaker who passes down traditional culture), the duo moves towards universal music, which It has as its core the dialogue between the kora and the drums but is by definition open to contamination.
In the summer of 2024 the two musicians inaugurated a new quartet involving the Pesaro violist and bassist Elisabetta Dal Ferro and the Burkinabe percussionist Moumouni Dao on balafon and djembe.


The mind and heart of the group is Marco Perrone, known to the general public as PUCCIA, singer and accordionist of APRES LA CLASSE, author of songs such as "Mammalitaliani" and "La luna cadrà". Puccia stages a new project with a decidedly more folk style.
Io, Te e Puccia was born from the idea of ​​re-proposing in a contemporary, almost "punk-folk" key, the great classics of Salento and other songs, ranging from the great Bruno Petrachi, to Piazzolla's tango, from the multifaceted Renzo Arbore to his teacher Pino Zimba, up to the popular ditties.
The strong scenic impact is guaranteed by its faithful "orchestra" made up of 5 Salento musicians already known on the national music scene.