Duo Minuusch (DE)

Clown and Jonglage show

Two picnic baskets and a single apple…
The story of two clowns who, after fighting over an apple, find themselves playing with lots of balls.
Told with lots of humor, charm and poetically subtle moments.



Circo Pacco (I)

Clowns, physical theatre, comic magic, juggling and eccentric acrobatics.

They say it's a package! But it's just simple non-contemporary circus junk.
A clown show in which the world of the circus comes to life in a parodistic way thanks to two authentic scoundrels: Frank Duro and Gustavo Leumann. Rejected by the "Nouveau Cirque" and banned from the classic circus, the two eccentric figures have no choice but to create their own circus: the Circo Pacco.
In an attempt to put on their show they try by all means to gain center stage and captivate the audience.
At the risk of overpowering each other, they challenge each other with numbers bordering on quackery between showers of popcorn, comic magic, juggling sequences and eccentric acrobatics.


Xyomara La gitana (FR)

Comedy aerial for a crazy gypsy

A musical scale, a suspended trapeze, a ball of energy, a bit of woman, the strength of the colorful passion of Andalusian rhythms, the Picara is ready for anything.
Despite her apparent pride and her thousand charms, we gradually discover a tender heart.



Onyrikon (CH/FR/MEX)

Interactive show for non-ordinary spaces

Dance, music, theater site sensitive.
A rope, at the same time metaphor and object that makes the invisible that binds us tangible.
A circle of ropes to materialize an ephemeral community. A ray, a network, a knot, a braid, a tangle, to provoke interactions and questions, to invite movement in a poetic, powerful and sensitive narrative.



Compagnie Paprika Royal (CH)

Clown show with goldfish

Mr. Fritz, municipal gardener, is facing a big problem: a strange hut has appeared in the park, connected to the public tap. Due to this unexpected presence, Mr. Fritz experiences some unfortunate accidents: he almost suffocates with a clothesline and risks poisoning the fish Toni with a tube of effervescent medicine. Meanwhile, our diva runs out of water in the shower and discovers Mr. Fritz from whose mouth the wagging tail of her fish comes out.


Mario Levis (I)

Eccentric clown! (and manipulation of objects)

Have you ever thought that the objects you use absentmindedly every day can, if used in the right way, entertain you, fascinate you and amaze you?
Hangers, hangers or little men, call them what you want, you won't recognize them anyway!
They will come to life silently and before you have time to realize it, you will find yourself laughing like children watching these objects fly, transform and even fall in love, thanks to a clever eccentric clown.


Short show

A narrator welcomes the audience and takes them to meet a curious character, the last remaining tree of an ancient forest! Shortly after starting to narrate, the tree comes to life and interprets the story itself, enchanting the spectators by playing a saw, exactly one of those used to cut down the forest in which he lived! Thus, from this touching contrast, a modern, ecological and poetic fairy tale is born, suitable for adults and children. A story that makes us understand how poetry can be born from an instrument of destruction.


Daniele Bianco (CH)

Interactive story

A strange character opens his large suitcase and takes out telephones of all shapes and ages: with handsets, extendable wires, with numeric keys and rotating discs. Then invite adults and children to sit down and respond.
An interactive installation, where thanks to communicating telephones an actor reads Gianni Rodari's fairy tales, fantastic, delicate, funny short stories that can be listened to one after the other without ever getting tired.



Le Strologhe (I)

“Food theater” show

Carla Taglietti, Valentina Turrini

Temis and Ines, two bizarre cooks, now tired of always cooking the same dishes, decide for a day to play with the ingredients they find in the kitchen.
Between the chatter of the two cooks, funny characters come to life on the table who will become the protagonists of two very famous fairy tales: The Princess and the Pea and Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (or better said: Snow White and the Seven Loaves). Vegetables, fruit, breads, flours and kitchen utensils will be the actors in these traditional European fairy tales.